GREEN project

There is currently a vacancy for a Green Project Leader.  Please contact the Clerk, if you are interested!

For many years the Parish Council has rented a playing field on Station Road from the local Poors Allotment Trust. In earlier times this was used for playing football and Geldeston softball. This activity fell away and in 2010 the Council approved a proposal for the field to be turned into a multi-function space for the enjoyment of local people.

This became know as the GREEN project, an acronym for Garden  • Recreation • Environment • Education • a Nice place to meet.

The project successfully applied to WREN and the Broads Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund for grant money to install a rabbit fence and new gate, replenish the hedges and plant an orchard. Apart from the fencing and water installation, all the work has been done by a small band of volunteers.

A later development was the creation of an allotment area.

Over 1000 hedge plants have been planted together with a small orchard. Volunteers continue to manage the new planting. If you would like to help please contact us.

From 2016, the path around the field is maintained by Clinks Care Farm. The Station Road hedge and the whole field is cut annually through the generosity of a local farmer.

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