Geldeston Community Composting Group

Following an initiative set up by Norfolk County Council to reduce recyclable waste in landfill, some ‘keen greens’ in Geldeston in 2006 formed a community composting group.  NCC pay per tonne of compostable waste collected, and the money raised is used through the parish council  for projects that benefit the village as a whole. Some of the initial start-up members of the group are still collecting and composting, and newcomers are most welcome for as much or little time as they can spare. Some jobs are neither heavy nor dirty – keeping  records, making coffee, organising  rotas, but also there is free training to become a master composter for those interested.

We are always glad to hear from new households wishing to join scheme by bagging up their green waste for the group to collect. Compost is collected from the households on the list on Monday mornings from April-October most years. Ideally the waste is sorted into three sections, garden and vegetable trimmings, grass cuttings, and dry stuff such as shredded paper, pet bedding, feathers and ash.

The composting routine involves weighing bags collected and layering the contents into bins to start the process, guided by our master composters. The bins are turned and in two or three months we have our finished product. The volunteers take some, and householders in the scheme are warmly urged to take home our product in their own containers, or filled by us if requested, in exchange for a small donation towards protective gear and tools.

All are welcome at the site around 11 am on a Monday morning, do join us for a cup of composters’ coffee or tea, take some compost or watch what we do.

For more details on any aspect of our activities, please call Margaret Rose Langran on 01508 518415 or use the Contact Us form on this website.


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